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Democracy Made Easy

CivApp is a simple, personalized guide to democracy. The platform is tailored to your priorities and local representatives - and suggests ways for you to take action based on your capacity to engage.

Sign-up in advance and provide feedback! We're applying for grants and have started developing.

The platform: ​​

  1. Connects you to your representatives, and shows you how they actually vote on policies

  2. Simplifies policies into everyday language and effects

  3. Promotes cooperation as the most effective way to make change

  4. And makes it easy to understand how our governance works and where your power is in it

The Platform

Watch and let us know what you think in the form below

     We want to live in a future that works for everyone. A more cooperative democracy is the first step. 

Image by Element5 Digital

CivApp Needs
Your Input!

CivApp is an independent non-profit. We are non-partisan member funded and want to support a fair democracy for everyone. The app is being developed, and we would appreciate your constructive feedback.

We appreciate any way you can help!

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