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Democracy Made Easy

CivApp is a personalized public participation app. The platform is a tailored guide to the policies that affect you and a convenient way to know, when and how to speak up where it matters.

Sign-up in advance and provide feedback! We're applying for grants and have started developing.

This platform will: ​​

  1. Notify you when/where to vote, speak-up, or, whom to contact

    • Connecting your values to the policies that affect them.​

  2. Be an open record of how each representative votes on issues

    • Hold politicians accountable for what they do, and, what they say.

  3. Simplify how government(s) work

    • Which policies affect what you care most about? Who controls it? How does it change?

The Platform

Watch and let us know what you think in the form below

     We want to ensure people can focus on living life knowing their voice means something when it counts; that we all matter in the decisions of our country.

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CivApp Needs Your Input!

CivApp is a Co-Operative Non-Profit. We are Non-Partisan and want everyone's voice to be included. The app is being developed, and we would appreciate your feedback and constructive criticism.

We appreciate your help!

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